Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Act I

Mr. Goldfinch Trembling, undecided as to what to do, he just hovers, glancing anxiously at Mrs. Crimson from time to time.
Ms. Crimson Oh, Mr. Goldfinch, there you are! Please sing for me.
Mr. Goldfinch He offers a weak quavering, warbling tremolo.
Ms. Lovebird She surreptitiously draws Mr. Goldfinch to the edge of the birdbath.
Ms. Lovebird Just let him have a little drink. He seems so thirsty.
Turtle Ms. Crimson, come on a little walk with me down this path. I have something to show you.
Ms. Crimson She throws a backward glance at Mr. Goldfinch who is gleefully spraying water everywhere, shakes her head with a sigh, and starts down the path with Turtle.