Saturday, February 20, 2010

Home Safe by Elizabeth Berg

Once again, Elizabeth Berg has created a sensory experience that you immediately want to step into. Her protagonists are women who only develop their sense of self, resilience, and independence when they're forced to. You start to think, "I'm artistic, intuitive, and creative, too." The Year of Pleasures made you think of Anthropologie; Home Safe actually takes you there.

Helen discovers she has a gift for teaching writing. She overcomes mean stabs from the publishing world. She tries to anchor herself to her daughter who in turn feels smothered. She has begun the process of pecking her way out of the egg.

Her husband has left her her dream house in Mill Valley, California! She sees it, but questions where her home is really, in her new autonomous life. It seems the blue jay pecks away without disturbing a pretty strong egg.


  1. When push comes to shove, we have to take flight and learn to how to soar, scary as it may seem at first.

  2. Hi Margaret ! I've been away travelling for a little while, but just got back this past week and just figured out that you've started a new blog... but where did the old one go ? Hope all is well with you, and happy reading... looks like you've got plenty of books lined up...

  3. Hello, Margaret, Love the layout and the content - good stuff!

  4. You know just seeing your face cheers myself up
    And soothes my sores of wanting and willing pluck
    Of bed feathers from endevours of disrespectful pleasures
    From unsavoury characturtures animated seizures!

    SORRY I have not been in touch lately but you were in my thoughts. Life is hard sometimes and sum people deal with it in there own sorry way of disrespectful play from societies sway of 'Hey' get away and flay Clay your way! Ha. Take wonderful and sincere care. Thank you ever so very much. Bye.

  5. Hi dear friend Margaret. Because you are a star, please have a look here : STAR!!

  6. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of this book, it sounds great, I love when a book can pull you in with all your senses.


  7. I used to read every Elizabeth Berg when it first came out, but haven't read her for probably five years at least. I will have to remedy that!

  8. hi margaret, i'm embarrassed to say i don't read enough. i might on vacations and long rainy weekends but no as a regular part of life. isn't that bad for a writer?! :) i know it limits my learning but at least i DO write!

    margaret, every comment you leave me makes me either smile or appreciate. thank you so much


  9. The photo at the bottom is so lovely; like a painting come to life. I have a sense of a mystical past trying to emerge from the water into the present.

    I'm pleased you are enjoying my music. Sabat Mater is so moving and some Kyrie's just makes me choke up inside.

  10. I've been wanting to read this one.

    Beautiful blog, Margaret. Now I know where to come for a literary getaway!