Sunday, August 30, 2009

boundless generativity

No startling sensations.
No toxic release.
Just gentle, soft possibilities.

In my garden is the pulsing web of life.
Ask an angel. Truth chants from the
Blue-winged butterfly, the yellow-winged bird,
And the hum of the potatoes.

At the jazz piano bar
I held a rose between my teeth.
He played the ever-turning rhythms--
Passions of jealousy.

Blue wings sedate.
The dragon fighters surrender.

Anger lodged in the spinning of the wind.

Butterfly photos by Rick Sammon.
New York Times Book Review cover illustration by Olaf Hajek.

Monday, August 24, 2009

after vacation

The truth as I see it
Supports a new voice,
One that is real and powerful and aware,
Closing the void.
My grown-up feet are walking on the beach.
I feel the release of others' expectations.
Once my little toes felt the same way:
Toes, free to wish, to be themselves, wriggling with joy.

Soft downy cotton clouds of rosy pink and azure blue
Evoke gentleness in counterpoint to the rigid, deep blue horizon.
How do I express my duality?
Is it an injurious contradiction?
How do I mesh the two?
Finally, the waterfall releases the energy
In this symphony I've been building
To bring grace and balance to the deep pool beneath,
Diamonds and pearls swirling to the music,
A taste of the forest from which it sprang.

Friday, August 7, 2009

the moon seen round the world

Our world community all shared the same view this week in gazing at the full corn moon, the lunar eclipse, and our bright, shining neighbor Venus. Evoking our inner artists, beautiful photos (including one of a moonflower) and dreamy poetry were created. Please visit the blogs listed below--from east to west--to see how creatively the moon's beauty has been expressed around the world. As for me, each time I followed the moon in her trajectory this week, realizing other people both near and far were experiencing the same thing, I felt a spiritual connection with everyone that energized me, made me happy. I am so grateful to all those who participated; even if you just looked at the moon, somehow we were one. Thank you!

Anasazi ruins in Arizona, NatGeo

Particpants in Operation Moon Watch from east to west


Delwyn at a hazy moon
Kaela at Kaela's Room

Shropshire Marches, UK
Friko at Friko's Musings

Louisiana, USA
Marion at Dragonfly's Poetry and Prolixity

New Jersey, USA
Margaret at margaretPANpipes

Ontario, Canada
Steven at the golden fish
Michigan, USA
Eric at This Is Eric's Blog.

Missouri, USA
Blues at BluesVox

Northern California, USA
photos by Jessica Wilson

Big Island, Hawaii, USA
photos by Hiko Ito and Jessy Wilson

August is known as the month of the corn moon.

The full moon appeared from August 4-7, 2009, according to this farmer's clock which has proven to be very accurate. This photo was taken at 1:52 pm on Thursday, August 6, 2009.

Venus, earth's planetary twin, resembles a bright evening star shining down on us, accompanying the moon. Photo taken by Margaret, New Jersey, USA.

A pale full moon rises in Northern California, USA.
Photo taken by Jessica Wlison.

Still rising ~ Northern California, USA, Photo by Jessica Wilson.

photo taken by Hiko Ito over Mauna Loa volcano, Big Island, Hawaii, USA.

And so we say, "Goodnight, moon!" :) as she languidly slips into the Pacific Ocean, our circle's furthest point west. Photo taken by Jessy Wilson, Big Island, Hawaii, USA.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Full Moon August 6, 2009

The full moon is August 6, 2009. Barring inevitable poor visibility somewhere, the entire world should be able to see it. Please take a photo of it from your part of the world and post to your blog! We will have shared with each other our mutual humanity. Good luck!
Gaze upon the moon
That I feel your reflection
On my upturned face.
haiku by Margaret, photo by Darkwing

the dying antique beauty of Italy

". . . It is that mellowest hour when the sun
His dying salutation on the towers
And, Saint Petronius, on thy temple sheds, . . .
. . . On the grey building stones and on the dark
Vermilion brick, and seems to waken there
The living soul of vanished centuries; . . .
. . . When here in the piazza used to dance
The beauteous women, and in triumph home
Returned the Consuls with their captive Kings.
Thus in her flight the Muse is laughing back
Upon the verse in which vain longing throbs
For all the antique beauty that is gone."
from In the Piazza of San Petronio
by Giosue Carducci, tr. by M.W. Arms

Welcome to 1710 Blogland Lane!

At the invitation of Marion (#7) at and the vision of KJ (#9) @ who invites one and all to homestead on Blogland Lane, I have eagerly joined this community and moved into 1710 Blogland Lane. I realize I'm a little off the beaten path, but I fully intend to be an active member here. We all can be!
My living room is intended for reading, writing, dreaming, intimate soirees, and morning coffee tete-a-tetes. It faces the ocean at the back of my house. I love my house for its 300-year-old history (hence the address, 1710!). However, the heart of my house is in the back facing water. It has a fireplace so I have several elements to balance me, as will everyone who drops by.
The widow's walk on top provides a fine view of the ocean, but I haven't mustered up the courage to go up there yet. I do plan to walk my smooth, sandy beach in all seasons.
Please feel free to stop by any time! I'll leave a light on for you!