Saturday, November 27, 2010

the slippery slope

Flying down that slippery slope from Thanksgiving to Christmas! That hectic, harried time of year!

Nature was just showing us the splendor of autumn, and tomorrow begins the first week of Advent. As we light the purple candle, we think of Hope--hope in the sense of expectation, awaiting the arrival of our hearts' Christ, our spiritual selves.

While we are waiting, we can slow down and allow ourselves to live in the present, a Zen moment of mindfulness.


  1. Beautiful! I like the last line. A must for this time of year. So, nicely put.

  2. Oh, what amazing photos (and words), Margaret! The red pump against the white snow just took my breath away. Thank you for sharing these!! xoxox

  3. It is such a crazy time Margaret! One of the things that I do to relax myself is go to Advent services every week. So your post was perfect! Love Di ♥

  4. Hi Laurie~
    Thanks, and nice to hear from you! ♥


    Hi Smiles~
    Yes, it doesn't matter if it's Florida or New Jersey! btw, my cat Quattie is just a bigger version of yours! I love orange tabbies! ♥


    Hi Marion~

    Thanks, and it's so good to be back in touch again. Your new look is phenomenal! ♥


    Hi Diana~

    Thanks, and it is lovely how many spiritual activities the church provides at this time of year.♥

  5. margaret, first i have to say how much i love the splashes of red in each of these photos. (not to mention the turkey) :)

    i'm with you. not breathing in without breathing out allowed!

    i want a lovely holiday this year, and i want to share it.

    i'm glad you're around

  6. Hi kj~
    Interesting you noticed the red; red and green were originally for holly and evergreen branches to represent time without beginning or end (as does the circle of the wreath).
    Isn't it great we're still in November? I keep telling myself that to keep the panic out!
    It will be great to share the warmth and beauty of the holiday with you. ♥