Thursday, July 7, 2011

Share the JOY! ~ dolphins in the wild

What joy to see dolphins in the wild! They get to travel in their pod social circle, baby in tow. They get to stay mostly underwater as opposed to surfacing all the time to perform tricks. They can glide just beneath the ocean's surface to enjoy the warmth of the sun. They speak in birdlike chirps which sound like happy squeals to us though they most likely are echolocation checks. They are cordial to all humans, especially the ones who make the effort to dive down to greet them.

Underwater photographer Bo Pardau caught the beauty of the wild dolphin's world in these photos taken in Hawaii and shown here with his permission to share the Joy!

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  1. I adore dolphins...and getting to see a few while I am away from home visiting dear family.They are so much grace and beauty, my heart sings when I see them!

  2. i grew up in san diego. i use to run the coastline near the waters edge with fins in my hands. when i spotted the dolphins i would slap those puppies on and swim out to them. so much joy in these salty memories. thank you for filling me up so sweetly!

  3. It makes me feel exuberant just to see these magnificent creatures -- so sleek, so playful, so in their element. And I love it that you've sparked memories for Paintdiva and Rebecca.

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  5. Oops, let's try that again!

    Swimming with the dolphins (not to be confused with the mafia-style "swimming with the fishes") is something I will never experience in real life, so it's great to have the chance to live it vicariously here.

    wv: dazillyn
    Those images and the description of the underwater world of dolphins are simply dazillyn!

    Dazzled Lynne xo

  6. These creatures are so magnificent...and happy to see them in the wild and not in captivity.

    happy weekend!

  7. hmmm, i tried to post and it wouldn't let me?

    dance, dance, dance on. . . love this!

  8. Margaret, thank you so much for sharing your joy on my blog and here via the is relaxing just to see them. I wish that we would treat animals kinder and appreciate them for all they offer us. These dolphins are so luxuriant (sp?) Much joy to you today, Olivia