Monday, August 24, 2009

after vacation

The truth as I see it
Supports a new voice,
One that is real and powerful and aware,
Closing the void.
My grown-up feet are walking on the beach.
I feel the release of others' expectations.
Once my little toes felt the same way:
Toes, free to wish, to be themselves, wriggling with joy.

Soft downy cotton clouds of rosy pink and azure blue
Evoke gentleness in counterpoint to the rigid, deep blue horizon.
How do I express my duality?
Is it an injurious contradiction?
How do I mesh the two?
Finally, the waterfall releases the energy
In this symphony I've been building
To bring grace and balance to the deep pool beneath,
Diamonds and pearls swirling to the music,
A taste of the forest from which it sprang.


  1. Welcome back Glad to see you and love the blog thanks

  2. Hello Margaret

    I have missed you ..each day I wondered when you would reappear...and now you are back and sounding as if you have been given a new lease on life... I sense a new energy, a new strength...

    You have provided lovely words to match restful pictures.

    Where did you go for your holiday Margaret?

    Happy days

  3. hello margaret - there's a lovely flow of energy through this writing that seems to come from deep within you. connecting lots of fragmented elements into a whole. that's what vacations should but don't always do isn't it!! i'm happy for you. have a peaceful day. steven

  4. Welcome back, Margaret! I missed you. What beautiful photos and freeing words you paint with. I hope you had a joyous, relaxing vacation. I'm so glad to see again! Blessings!!

  5. Hello Margaret, glad to have you back, you've been missed.
    A lovely post.

  6. Welcome home...where did you vacation?

  7. welcome back! I love wiggling my toes in the sand, or even in a freezing mountain stream. Any chance I get, I try and get my shoes off.

  8. Lovely to "see" you again, Margaret. That little silence in the music of the blogiverse did not go unnoticed!

    Did your little girl toes also sport bright red polish?

  9. I also missed dropping by for a tranquil moment of poetry. I feel calmer already!

  10. Hi Margaret ! Ce n'est pas trop difficile après les vacances ? Pour moi si !
    A bientôt !
    Bizzz !...8-]