Monday, August 3, 2009

Full Moon August 6, 2009

The full moon is August 6, 2009. Barring inevitable poor visibility somewhere, the entire world should be able to see it. Please take a photo of it from your part of the world and post to your blog! We will have shared with each other our mutual humanity. Good luck!
Gaze upon the moon
That I feel your reflection
On my upturned face.
haiku by Margaret, photo by Darkwing


  1. Hi Margaret

    I love your haiku and I'll take a shot if it is there...

    The image you have chosen today looks like a nest with a moon egg...or have I got nests on the brain...

    Happy days

  2. hello margaret, reya mentioned on her blog that this is also the third eclipse of the year! thanks for sharing your beautiful haiku and the image is really lovely as well!!!

    a full moon sharing. we'll see what we see!!! have a peaceful day. steven

  3. I'll try to take a break from my howling at it in order to snap a picture of the full moon. ;-D

  4. What a great idea, Margaret! (I love your photo and your haiku). I was just waxing poetic about the moon at another blog. LOL! Us moon-lovers are special people, fur shure!! Hugs & Blessings---

  5. There will be 2 full moons in December, the second being a rare "blue" moon. The moon and the sun, eclipsing 3 times has brought them all much more forward in my consciousness.

  6. Hi Margaret!! I've been eyeing the weather report! So far so good...I hope it stays clear! I did take a photo of the moon last Friday night, to test my settings on the camera...didn't turn out very well though...but when I go out tomorrow night, I'll bring my tripod and set myself up on the lookout, hopefully that will give me a great vantage point! xxx

  7. En principe j'ai les dents qui poussent à la pleine lune, les cheveux, les bras, la... ! Non, Maragret ! ! !....:)))

  8. wonderful haiku, wonderful picture;
    I'll try to take a photo, but with our endless cloud and rain in the UK it'll probably be rubbish.

  9. oh to sit in your living room at # 1710 when it is dark and we reach for the universe.

    i hope one of us comes knocking one of these days.


  10. Thank you, Delwyn! Good luck with the shot! Yes, it's the plover's nest with all the unhatched eggs to the right. They seem so civilized, don't they? The Net of Fireflies didn't come in its box, but it is very high quality: the pages haven't been cut so they're single-sided. Very elegant!and beautifully illustrated with drawings and calligraphy. I'm really happy I have it! xxox

    Hi Steven! Thanks for the compliments! Yes, I heard that this would make the third eclipse thus far this year, too, and that it is quite rare. Read Dan's comment above, too. I believe the blue moon falls on New Year's Eve!

    Hi Lynne! Instead of howling, you could go owling! They come out at night and are visible under a full moon! However, it would still be great if you could get that photo! Thanks! xxox

    Hi Marion! Thanks! Now that I know you're a wonderful photographer (that picture today with that poem blew my mind!), I'm hoping you can shoot the moon from a southern vantage point! xxox

    Hi Dan! Thanks for the info! I looked online at some info from the Griffith Laboratory in CA. Because its reference is PST, New Year's Eve Blue Moon might be earlier for you than for others. I am aware of full moons because I always seem to be more aggressive (vocal, active) at that time.

    Hi Rain! Thank you! I've got my tripod out, too, thanks to you. You suggested it last month, and what a difference it made! The lookout! That is great! I still have my trees to contend with, but I might go over to the reservoir for the reflection. It depends on what time the moon rises! xxox

    Jef, je ne comprends pas si tu deviens un loup-garou pendant la pleine lune ou bien la lune devient un pacman geant qui te mange! Scrotch...scrotch...scrotch!

    Thanks, Blues! Hope you can take a picture in that wide open expanse of space you have!

    Thanks, Friko, for the compliments and for offering to take a photo! I agree with you that it depends on the weather...and the eclipse. Hopefully something will clear! xxox

  11. Hi Karen! Oh, it is so lovely! I want to carry it over into my real life! The idea of having a "room with a view" for just the arts and to share it with like-minded friends--so beautiful! (Did you scroll down to see my house and living room overlooking the beach?) Owen at Magic Lantern made a link to your blog, and I think he was going to make links for all the residents, but it wasn't working? Do we have a list of our neighbors? LOVE xxox

  12. I would have to paint one.... We have had bad weather almost all summer.

  13. Hi Gry! We've had nothing but rain here, too! (Sh! You could always pull one out of your file! Sh!)

  14. coucou Margaret....merci pour ta visite et pour ton si gentil commentaire....c'est toujours délicieux de lire tes commentaires....tu parles très très bien la langue de Molière...:)avec beaucoup d'humour et de finesse...un vrai plaisir...
    j'ai donc un peu mieux visité ton blog pour découvrir ton ravissant chat...tout roux tout aussi ses beaux yeux assortis a son pelage....
    je reviendrai pour regarder tous tes anciens post et comme ça je te connaitrai un peu mieux...tes photos sont belles et ta façon de les mettre en valeur aussi ...ton blog est un univers ou l'on se sent bien...a breathtaking...:)....
    merci de partager avec nous et nous avec toi tous ces moments de vie...
    ah..j'ai essaye hier au soir de photographier la lune mais mon optique n'est pas suffisante....tout raté...c'est mieux les yeux des chat...merci Margaret....pour ce très bon moment chez toi...

  15. I took some photos and put them on my blog!
    They turned out really crappy though..
    it was beautiful to see though!! x


  16. Clo, c'est vraiment gentille de ta part! tu es une des plus gentilles personnes que j'ai rencontrees (je suis serieuse). J'aime lire tes commentaires partout; tu est toujours gentille, mais authentique en meme temps. Mais tu as regarde tout cela? Je vais faire la meme chose chez toi, donc. Oui, la lune est difficile a cause de sa distance et les conditions. Mais la photo peut etre libellee surreale ou artistique, par exemple. Tu as raison, rien est mieux que le mystere aux yeux d'un chat... Merci infiniment, Clo. Je t'embrasse, Margaret

  17. Hi Margaret! Great idea you had and I posted my pic just now.

  18. merci Margaret...
    tes mots me touchent...beaucoup..
    je t'embrasse aussi..

  19. I have a good illustration of the Moon. Maybe I'll post it next week. And we're eating some corn tonight!

  20. Beautiful pictures. All beatiful