Friday, November 6, 2009

the frost moon

(photo of moon over Mt. Fitzroy in Argentina by

"The Child and Grandmother Moon"
Grandmother Moon,
Teach me how to touch the stars,
To give the sky a smile,
To wait for the rainbow after the storm.
And I will share with you
The laughter in my eyes,
The warmness of my love,
The trust within my heart,
And the innocence of my greatest joy--
Knowing I am watched over by you.
~from Earth Medicine by Jamie Sams

"And the Dark Has Encapsulated the Nighttime, and the Trees Are Gone"
The moon was out last night, mysterious as ever,
Janus-faced, casting its light over the stubborn trees,
and when I went out, singing beneath the willow,
who else but the lucky owls, the inscrutable fox,
the secretive hedgehog, and the scotopic moles
would have seen me there, who else might have
known that I was singing to no one? . . .
~ from And by Michael Blumenthal


  1. This post gave me goosebumps. Beautiful. We really celebrated the full moon this week while walking the dogs. It was especially stunning filtered by loopy clouds. I love the moon so much!

  2. Isn't it wonderful that we can all see the same signs in the heavens, wherever we are, and that we can tell each other about them;
    here in the little backwater of the Shropshire Hills the moon was just as splendid, sitting over the darkly wooded horizon, shining its cold velvety blue light down on us.

  3. the moon was spectacular this past week and my favourite sighting was when i watched it rise above the woods through the last pale pink splashes of sunset that rinsed across the sky. "the innocence of my greatest joy". lovely. steven

  4. The moon was a wonderful sight...the next day I was up before sunrise to view it's slow descent!
    I loved the Grandmother Moon poem!

  5. The other night after my arrival from the west coast to my east coast home, I watched the big golden moon rise from behind the clouds hanging over the river. It's big round face smiled at me through our kitchen window as if to say, "Good to see you. Welcome back."

  6. The full moon was awesome Monday night. I saw it through my window. Beautiful post, Margaret and great poems! Blessings!

  7. Hi Lydia! Thanks! The moon was especially big this time, and it was cloudy here, too. I've made it a commitment to spend something of each day outdoors. Good for the mind, the soul, and the body. xxox
    Hi Friko! It really does make the world seem smaller when we can all be as one. I wouldn't say you're in the backwater shires: I would say you're on a rural country estate and that you fully appreciate the land and what it offers! xxox
    Hi Steven! The moon is so translucent just at sunset, and how lovely to see it then. "the innocence of my greatest joy." Sometimes it's hard to get them both together (in other words, when the moon's rising is at 2 or 3 am.)
    Hi Wanda! So lucky to have that pre-dawn view! Well, your recent tree pruning helps. And I saw your photo of the hunter's moon. (I called it the frost moon; there are so many different names for each month's moon!) Just beautitul! Better than mine! I recommend everyone take a look:
    That's lovely, Lynne! It was welcoming you home with it's big, beautiful, round, golden face! And I welcome you with my round, smiling face! xxox
    Hi Marion! The moon means so much, doesn't it? a whole new slant on life. Thanks! xxox

  8. Recorriendo tu blog,bonitas composiciones de luz y color.
    Desde la otra punta del oceano donde el otoño nos deja su cadencia.
    Un saludo

  9. Hi Margaret!! Great photos!!! Sorry I'm playing catchup a little these days!! I did have the tripod, btw, when I took mine because the wind was, but I don't need it during the daytime, that photo I got of the moon rising, no tripod there. I love how spooky it looks with the lighting on the houses! The angle you took the photo is great! Next month's 2 full moons should be spectacular! I hope we have clear skies for them! :)

  10. Hi Margaret,
    It seems there are a few of us as of late feeling poetic about autumn and the moon! I loved your post about it. And you have a lovely blog as well. Thank you for visiting me.
    Love Di

  11. Made~ Gracias~
    Hi Rain! I love that photo you took in the daylight! Especially how it's high in the light blue sky, and in the upper right hand corner. I'd frame that one! If I can see it, next time I'm going to try earlier. The problem is sometimes you can't find it 'til it's risen, like at 2:00 am or something! The wind gave your other moons an aura, and with the tripod it was so clear. xxox
    Hi Diana! Thanks for the reply and the visit! I adore your blog and will be back often! xxox