Thursday, February 24, 2011

haiku my heart

A blizzard smothers

The old memories of warm
Blue nights, dewy grass.

Haiku my heart is the vision of Rebecca Brooks at "recuerda mi corazon." If you would like to participate, just post your haiku on Fridays with an accompanying photo on your blog and link back to recuerda mi corazon.

I look forward to sharing haiku every Friday with you!


  1. That was a beautiful Haiku, simply because it's so true! Your photos are wonderful Margaret! Love Di ♥

  2. Hello Margaret,
    Your photos are beautiful. They have a quality of freshness and life that discloses a keen eye, deep insight and a passion for living, even in the cold of winter. Yours is a beautiful perspective.

  3. i always love a splash of red on black and white. this first photo isn't exactly that, but it kind of is :)

    and blue nights? what a great description. margaret, your blog and this post shows your reverence for the planet. beautiful! i'm glad we are both chatting-away!


  4. Oh yes, I breathe in the sensations you've expressed here. At this moment, I'm facing another blizzard on its way, and truly am feeling smothered by all this relentless snow. Lovely to be reminded of the feel of the coolness of those blue nights on my skin, and the refreshing dampness of dewy grass on my feet.

  5. Stunning pictures! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. lying beneath snow,
    cold seeds, programmed to burst forth
    when timing's perfect

  7. Expressed so well with the beautiful pictures.

  8. margaret,

    such longing adoration for all things balmy.
    i am right there in your call out to warm,
    as we prepare for a severe winter storm that will claim us in a handful of hours.

    so glad to have you here in the haiku mix.

  9. Thanks, Di! Can't you just taste spring? And long to take a long walk outdoors? Ahhh... Love,

  10. Thank you, Noelle~ There's such a nostalgic feeling when summer is remembered, isn't there? Love, Margaret

  11. Hi kj,
    I thought your poem today echoed my feelings and longings, too. And colors do draw the eye, don't they? Warm blue summer nights v. a streak of red on white snow... Nature's show! Love, Margaret

  12. Thanks for your beautiful comment, Lynne. I do love having the four seasons, but it's sometimes a tease, isn't it? Love, Margaret

  13. Thanks, Phivos! I was wondering if you still had a group in Australia with all their travails... Best, Margaret

  14. Excellent, Meri! Nature knows what it wants: you're so right. Love, Margaret

  15. Thanks, Choices! Guess you don't have to worry about blizzards! Enjoy! Love, Margaret

  16. Hi Rebecca! I'm not quite sure where you are, somewhere in the southwest? But it's snowing everywhere now! We're getting in New Jersey an inch or two, and my family in northern California has enough to make a snowman!

    Thanks so much for helping me out with Mr. Linky. You are such a kind person.

    Love, Margaret

  17. Hi Stephanie! Thank you! I love the look of your blog--so southwestern! Did you get snow this week, too?
    Love, me ♥

  18. lovely..

    welcome sharing your poetry with us,
    first time participants can share 1 to 3 old poems or poems unrelated to our theme.

    Happy Monday.