Monday, February 28, 2011

Third Eye vision

Violet informs
Spiritual awareness
in the Third Eye, dreams.

~photo by Tim Christie

Intuition comes
From the mudra of touching
Thumb, index finger.

~photo from Aveda

Water and music
Add psychic vibrations, too.
Open to nature!

~photo from Sunset

Fire unlocks our thoughts and puts them into motion.
"You've never seen fire until you've seen Pele blow." ~by Tori Amos

~photo from Sunset


  1. Dreams, intuition and psychic vibration, Spiritual Awareness, are one with the elements and our interconnectedness to them. Violet is a very powerful color Margaret! These are beautiful images. I once did a report at Pacifica on the goddess Pele. Wonderful to see the image of this volcano in Hawaii. Tori Amos is one of my favorite lyricists and vocalists. Lovely post.
    I meant to tell you that on Sundays, we have Postcards from Paradise at Recuerda mi Corazon. Please join us next week.

  2. Sometimes, when meditating, which I do infrequently, I get the most wonderful sort of light show happening in the third eye area. I feel centred and refreshed just from viewing the pictures you've put together and reading your words here tonight. Thanks.
    Lynne xo

  3. Wow! So lovely, peaceful and beautiful.
    I am now reading the Swan Thieves. I can't put it down!

  4. Peacefully meditative, pictures and words, just what I need after a hectic day.

  5. beauty shared
    is a priceless gift.

    thank you...

  6. I love your message. If everyone took even just a few moments out of the day to meditate or even look at and contemplate a flower, we would feel so much more connected to everything else in the universe. And that is an extremely beneficial thought to hold.

  7. oh margaret....

    what a sense of calm you've created here. that said, all of these images are definitely spiritual, but that first one for me borders on a religious certainty i wish i had! there are patterns even in the feathers.

    ohhmm, my friend.


  8. Margaret this post just reminds me of whats been going through my mind so much lately. I want to try meditation but have tried in the past with no success. Yet I keep having theses signs thrown at me such as this post that keeps the thought lingering. So you have given me some more food for thought today!
    Love Di ♥

  9. A ma tres chere amie, Noelle~ (I can't help it with a name like that!:)) Yes, I agree with you: the metaphors and imagery we get from nature relate to our inner selves. And dreams do work the same way, clarifying, showing us what we aren't willing to see. Pele is such a powerful goddess and taken very seiously in Kona and below... Thanks for the invitation to Postcards from Paradise! I love projects like that. Noelle, I tried to comment on the cub Lily, but there was no comment rubrique. I then scrolled down, and I saw all the comments had disappeared! Do you have any ideas? Thanks! ♥

  10. Lynne, that is so cool your intuition (brow-third eye) is so alive and well! Of course, when I think about it, I realize how creatively fertile you are--how great to be in touch with that aspect of yourself. When you meditate, try adding the element of resting your hands on your thighs, press the tips of your thumbs and index fingers together, and stretch out the other three. It is the mudra especially for this chakra. ♥

  11. Thank you, Choices! I hope you like The Swan Thieves. I want to see Black Swan--it certainly seems to have a psychological twist to it. Remember Leda and the Swan by Yeats? ♥

  12. Hi Friko~ I agree! I need those ten minutes at the end of the day rather than when I first get up! Love ♥

  13. Dear Rebecca~ Thank you, but there is no beauty greater than yours. Love ♥

  14. Hi Stickup! and you set the best example. The views from your walks are just breath-taking. I remember going camping as a kid up and down the west coast on family vacations. Nothing like a campfire and looking up at the stars to bring you balance.

  15. Hi kj! Interesting you noticed the patterns in the feathers. If we could just step back and see that we're a part of a pattern in the big picture, too... I think some of these practices help to feel part of the universe, of life. Love ♥

  16. Hi Di! I think you've already found the food that feeds you... I do agree, though, that sometimes signs do point the way.

  17. Hi Margaret,
    Thanks for leaving your link, I'd gone to your profile page a couple of times, by clicking on your name when you'd left a comment, but on the profile page only the What the Owl Told Me is visible, and as that page hasn't been updated in about a year, I thought you'd taken a break from blogging...
    Maybe third eye vision will help me find my way back...

  18. Hi Owen~
    Thanks for visiting! Yes, the defunct "owl" blog has been confusing. I also thought it strange there were two Margarets! At first, I thought they were both me, and I couldn't actually remember having made the other Margaret's comments! I'm enjoying your multi-layered posts; it's good to be back! ♥