Thursday, March 24, 2011

haiku my heart

A Life Well Lived ~ Creative Writing Circle

Haiku by Kerry ~ Rose ~ Tara

Turtle in the sand,
Trapped and not moving forward:
She is laying eggs.

Photo courtesy of Byron Kay

My vision is clear.
I have my partner with me--
Together we see.

The color is red
Beginning to build power;
The center is black.

Haiku my heart is the vision of Rebecca Brooks at "recuerda mi corazon." If you would like to participate, just post your haiku on Fridays with an accompanying photo on your blog and link back to recuerda mi corazon.


  1. I love all of your images and the words are so perfect. : ) The "My vision is clear.
    I have my partner with me--
    Together we see." Made me smile. Thank you.

  2. The twister which is violently destructive and the wise old owls are such clear Haiku's. I see them done so very well!!

  3. This Haiku touched my heart.
    Love Di ♥

  4. I love this Haiku. Such perfect words to go along with the pictures.

  5. First time here I think. Came through Rebecca's Haiku My Heart.
    I like them all and especially like the owls. Those words have a strong meaning. Very nice.


  6. I love the turtles...such a life of struggle and the owls, what a pair.

  7. I like most the one about vision being clear..isn't life so very beautiful..

  8. beautiful creatures
    doing what they were born for
    we find a lesson

  9. I love all of your images and haikus. The owls especially are a good lesson for us. We have clear vision when we work together for the good of others. Beautiful Margaret!

  10. Thank you for these words and images,
    beauty and wisdom hand in hand.

    Sue x

  11. Beautiful photos and words; I especially like the owls and the thought that together we see.

  12. ohhh the turtle, it is unbelievable the life of a turtle.... from being born and makin' it to the shore and then the journey begins only to return one day.... and the owls whada hoot!!! i had to smile at the expression with the bent ear... that beauty from far away can be so deadly up close... a wonderful trio of kuz and photos.... thank you...

  13. Great Nature Haiku just how they were intended to be written, well done!

  14. Beautiful photos and haiku's.
    That turtle is amazing.

  15. Nesting Turtles definitely deserve a Haiku and a good luck wish.

  16. Lovely photos and equally lovely haiku.

  17. i want to lie in sun warmed sand...and let all the details of life y a w n, s t r e t c h,
    and f a d e as i melt into your bliss!!!