Tuesday, March 29, 2011

haiku my heart: thoughts from nature

"Your praying mantis
Will peel the passionfruit, Sir.
He's carnivorous."

First, he chirped a bit.
Getting no reply, he ate.
Being a gecko...

Swimming downstream--the
Dog in joy or following?
Self-contained? Attached?

Black-pearl caviar--
Some to be plucked and eaten,
Some to string on silk.

photos courtesy of Byron Kay, Big Island, HI

Haiku my heart is the vision of Rebecca Brooks at "recuerda mi corazon." If you would like to participate, just post your haiku on Fridays with an accompanying photo on your blog and link back to recuerda mi corazon.


  1. Excellent haiku and I love the photos. I have never seen a gecko eat before. Praying mantis are here is great numbers just now!

  2. So beautiful! I have never seen a praying mantis, so this is as up and close and personal as I will get!

  3. I truly love the photo of the praying mantis. It makes me smile. All of your words are wonderful. I very much enjoyed this post. Thank you. : ) E

  4. The praying mantis actually seems to have an attitude and an expression on his face! And the black-pearl caviar has me captivated. I will have to google that. Excellent pairing of images and written material. Your haikus are wonderfully delightful.

  5. Thanks, Marilyn! That's right, you live in NZ, across the world from me! Do you have marsupials? Both the gecko and the mantis like insects; the mantis is especially predatory. Funny to see it eating fruit!

  6. Thanks, Anne! Isn't the praying mantis the most unusual thing? I'm surprised you don't have them down there: they like warm climates. :)

  7. Thank you, Grammy! I get a kick out of that praying mantis, too. Makes a colorful, amusing photo! (Although he looks a little surprised at being disturbed!) :)

  8. Thanks, Stickup! The praying mantis does seem so aware, doesn't he? I fantasized the black pearl caviar. Those are really berries eaten by the local sheep in Hawaii. But don't they loook like black pearls? And the French call caviar "les petites perles" (the little pearls). I had a questioning assessment about the dog, too. He looks like he's trying to keep up with a person in a kayak maybe? Or maybe he's enjoying a nice cool ride! :)

  9. Wow Mr. Mantis seems very confident doesn't he? He's almost a bit scary! But also very interesting to look at. I wonder how they view us?! Nice Haiku Margaret! Love Di ♥

  10. I really love your creature Haiku I never new a Gecko chirped LOL!

  11. Thanks, Diana! Yes, he looks like he's being disturbed at his meal! A very knowing look. They're called "praying" mantises because those front two legs seem to be in the prayer position. Cute!

  12. Thanks, Amanda! Yes, the gecko is the only lizard who "talks!" They talk to themselves but also to each other! You know, the Geico commercial--too funny!

  13. Oh your Praying Mantis stirs a passion within me, he's so fruity ;~)

    Sue x

  14. Very funny, Sue! He's like some delicate Transformer that dredges fruit! :)