Thursday, April 7, 2011

haiku my heart ~ spring woods

drawing by Barbara Bash

Bird song in the woods,
A fawn, lime green leaves. Oh, bring
Me my clarinet!

Re "being a fairy," Shavonne loved seeing her haiku on the computer and thanks everyone for reading it!

Haiku my heart is the vision of Rebecca Brooks at "recuerda mi corazon." If you would like to participate, just post your haiku on Fridays with an accompanying photo on your blog and link back to recuerda mi corazon.


  1. Your words and photo are both beautiful.
    I love to see deers And nature both.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Big hug and lost of love sent your way.
    E : )

  2. Margaret,
    I love the clean simplicity and bright cheerfulness of this drawing and your haiku which reminds me of a poem from Hafiz or rumi in style and tone. It is quite lovely and joyful. Thank you!

  3. This is a lovely joyful haiku to go with the spring fresh art.

  4. Love the photo of that drawing. The haiku words evoke a musical spirit. As soon as I read the word clarinet I told myself to add music into my day today. Good thinking and good thoughts from this. Thank you.


  5. More music in spring than any other time. Suppose it's encouraged by the song of the birds! Wonderful Haiku! Have a grand day! Cathy

  6. Well I loved this Haiku. It was a total surrender to to intoxication of spring!
    Love Di ♥

  7. I can feel that spring is in the air through your words. Lovely. I love that drawing.

  8. this just moves me, flat out moves me with unabashed jOy.
    you do make music....
    with each well poised word.

  9. oh yes! those lime-y spring favorite. You illustrate this season so simply and beautifully.

  10. Indeed a delight ot be here..lovely haiku this..

  11. so simple, and so profound, these musical notes of yours...

  12. Another "pure" haiku, in my opinion.

  13. "lime green" ..... That just vibrates with color and sound and excitement .... Great capture

  14. Simple and beautiful.
    Haiku my heart!

  15. Hi Margaret, I thought you might like to know - I used to live in a wood called 'Sutton Spring Wood' somewhat like your image, except, I never learned to play the clarinet... then it would have been perfect!

    Thank you for these lovely sentiments,

    Sue x

  16. Such freshness and joyful sentiment expressed in these few lilting lines of words and in the "simple" strokes of the drawing you chose to accompany them. A treasure to internalize these feelings.

  17. dear one,
    i hope you will come on over and leave your name on my blog for the chance at a bright winged messenger of love. certainly you have given so much all ready!!!

  18. makes me think of L'après-midi d'une faune, with Nijinksy blowing on his pan pipes. I love the "lime green" evocative of tender springtime.