Friday, April 29, 2011

Magpie Tales 63b

Photo courtesy of Tess Kincaid, creator of Magpie Tales

by Laurel from the Creative Writing Circle at A Life Well Lived

The late afternoon sun filtered into the room through the sheers casting a greenish glow. Emma entered the room daydreaming as usual. As she walked past the coffee table, something caught her eye.

Glancing down at the coffee table, she noticed a triangular tube object, long and slim made from stained glass with a glass cylinder lying next to it. Emma picked it up and noticed that there was a place to insert the glass cylinder, containing what looked like glitter.

"Wow, this is so cool! It's almost magical," she thought as she realized that the object was actually a kaleidoscope.

She kicked off her shoes, sat down on the chaise, and began twirling the cylinder. Brilliant greens, reds, and golds folded into each other, then out again, mesmerizing her.

A voice from the kitchen called, "Emma! Emma! It's time to do your homework!"

"I'm busy!" Emma replied and went back to gazing into the kaleidoscope.

"Emma, now!" her mother roared.

"OK, OK... just a minute. I'm looking at the kaleidoscope. Where did you get it?"

"I found it in my mother's house when I was putting things into boxes for the Salvation Army" said her mother.

"Oh... I really miss Grandma," said Emma.

"I do, too," her mother answered softly.

"Mom, can I have the kaleidoscope?" asked Emma.

"Yes, Emma, my mother always said that she wanted you to have it when she passed, and so you will always remember her."

Magpie Tales is the vision of Tess Kincaid. If you would like to participate, just post your poem or vignette--based on Tess Kincaid's photo prompt--on your blog and link back to

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