Thursday, August 18, 2011

haiku my heart - ebb and flow

Ebb tide quiets life

Only to send it flowing

Back, fish in the net.

Haiku my heart is the vision of Rebecca Brooks at "recuerda mi corazon." If you would like to participate, just post your haiku on Fridays with an accompanying photo on your blog and link back to recuerda mi corazon.


  1. A lovely relaxing, cooling, and fun day at the water.

  2. fabulous, margaret. the last line surprised me, which is always good!

    these photos are timeless. do you see the human all white shadow in the second to last?


  3. Wonderful photos and post. I'm jealous. I'd love to be at the ocean the entire month of August.

    I thought of this quote by Henry Nouwen when I read your post: "Dear Lord: Today I thought of the words of Vincent Van Gogh, 'It is true that there is an ebb and flow, but the sea remains the sea.' You are the sea."

    Love & Blessings,

  4. Love all the images and a cooling post for me! Fun last line!

  5. I love all the photos too. Either they are old polaroids or the processing is spot on! This is a very inspirational post!! The images and words together seem like a homecoming...

  6. Something so soothing when even just looking at waves of water.

  7. Now that's a beautiful philosophy to remember in those times of one's life that seem to be at ebb tide. Those soft old photo colours are gorgeous.

  8. Ebb and flow, ebb and flow,
    Where we end up...who can know?

  9. wonderful haiku, truly captures the ebb and flow and cycle of life!

  10. Wonderfully cool pictures and the accompanying words, under the spell of the sea!!

  11. it is all about the give and take, the opening and closing, the welcoming and the letting go. there is such deep grace here and the reward of a filled net. i love your trust, your quiet believing heart.

    you have peacefully emptied me, and so splendidly filled me up!

  12. I'd take a day at the beach right now Margaret, with or without fish!! I love the imagery you used to accompany your haiku - made me feel so relaxed...

  13. i cannot tell you how many times your images returned to me this empty out and cast my net.

    thank you for such peace.

    i hope you will have a chance to visit today...the invitation is out for dia de bloglandia!!!
    stephanie and i look forward to a soul stirring time, won't you join us?