Sunday, May 3, 2009

blue, the throat chakra

Expressing fully ~ Through ether, blue, open sound-- ~ Creativity.


  1. The color of green is definatley making me happy right now. Like the new green grass, the sprouting ferns and weeping willows of Spring.

  2. I really look at the moon with my telescope and I thought it would be nice take pictures.
    I approached the camera lens of the telescope and it vizualizar, then took the photo.

    Glad you like the work I love my photography and work for government?
    The leaders here do not want to know the personal abilities of each person, they simply want to sit in the chair of the Senate and be stealing public money, the situation of the Brazilian domestic policy is a disaster.

    A kiss and a hug!

  3. As usual, just viewing your blog raises my spirits no end. Good vibes, much appreciated. Thank you!

  4. This is pretty cool! Did you paint this?