Monday, May 25, 2009

full moon

Reflect back to me, ~ Full moon on a limpid night. ~ The new moon rises.


  1. What a beautiful photo. I love the way the moon is framed by the trees. The haiku fits perfectly. Great!


  2. a photo to lose yourself in. I also loved the previous one.
    Thanks you for following me, I am very glad to get my blog off the ground. It's so rewarding to have comments from nice people.

  3. Spooky moons... Summer nights...delight!

  4. I love the Moon Lady and your photo is wonderful, as is the Haiku!

  5. Marguerite,
    Thanks for the comments. I like your haiku, too!
    Friko, Thanks to you as well. And I am glad I got to know you!
    Sharon, I love your haiku! The moon is eery and mysterious here, isn't it? That's why I like the touch of pink in the trees.
    Marion, as ever I appreciate your comments. Yes, the Moon is the watery, reflective, Feminine, isn't she?

  6. Perfect haiku - and I'm happy the gamma experiment was a success. It somehow gives things more depth and definition, doesn't it?

  7. As though something wonderful will happen, Gry. And now it's the new moon!

    thanks, Meri! for everything. Best, Margaret

  8. Hi Margaret
    this is a very pink hazy moon. I love it and your haiku too.
    Happy Days

  9. You have no idea how much Cerridwen has played a part of my life! This is absolutely lovely!

    I took a black and white years ago (on film) entitled "Moon River". It is lake huron at night, with the full moon creating the "river" on the water. It was warm that night, and my cousin and I swam out into it. I will always cherish that!