Thursday, May 21, 2009

What can you intuit from this picture?

What can you intuit from this picture? You may use some of the tools from my blog, i.e., chakras, colors, elements, or you may have other tools of discernment.


- This girl is dressed all in white, a color denoting purity, truth, and spiritual energy.
- She is surrounded by a circle of purple flowers. In the chakra system, violet represents spirituality.
- There is a wooden lattice in the background. Wood symbolizes expanding energy, i.e., a tree growing. It is the beginning of growth. If there is no growth, a fountain could be added.
- There are orange flowers in Mary's crown. Orange represents the ego or solar plexus chakra. This girl seems happy and relaxed and to have self-respect and respect for others. If she is a little unsure or tentative, some blue could be added to balance the orange in order to bring her to a full sense of well-being.

Your turn! (Next time my comments will be reserved until the end.)


  1. This is a lovely photograph, Margaret and your words are marvellous. I am not sure I have the same writing skills to match yours so I will have to think about it!
    Best wishes

  2. Hi Laurie,
    You have a very witty and creative mind, and I'm sure you can come up with something! Follow your own leaning, which will be humorous, wry, and thoughtful. Thanks, Margaret

  3. Margaret,
    I have just googled the sandpiper - he is of the actitis hypoleucos group , family scolopacacidae...
    and has a squatter appearance, fatter body and shorter legs.

    The Pied oyster catcher is a shore wader with longer legs -from the heamatopus longirostris - I wonder if that longi word refers to the beak...

    Don't we learn a lot from this sharing?

    Happy Days