Monday, May 18, 2009

wood element

Wood conveys growth, change. ~ It is nourished by water. ~ Break out and expand!


  1. This is the most beautiful owl. I have never met on owl in person. Would love to some day. Thank you for the lovely comment, Margaret. Have a beautiful day...julie

  2. Thanks, Julie~ they're secretive little things. nocturnal. but so interesting when you catch a glimpse under a full moon. Best,. Margaret

  3. Although I love owls, well, the image of beautiful owls like this one, I have to admit, I think they eat toads, and squirrels come to think of it... are we safe, us toads and squirrels ? Is it a friendly, vegetarian owl perhaps ? Or Maybe he only Munches on Mice, in keeping with the "M" theme... which reminds me, it is Mercredi Matin, here in France. Have a great day, Margaret !

  4. Hi Margaret,

    Such a lovely owl you know...
    Do you know what he is?

    Happy Days

  5. Thanks, Owen and Delwyn, for stopping by! He's a wooden snowy owl--as the theme for this post is wood--and thus eats only small (wooden) varmints. He conjures up all sorts of Magical, Mystical Mythology and on the whole is a good thing to Meet. je vous souhaite une journee Merveilleuse!

  6. Hi Margaret, thank you so much for your kind comments on my artwork, I hope Albert makes a successful outing into the big wide world of publishing one day too.
    You have a lovely blog, I especially like your quote for the day, Philip Larkin is one of my favourite poets.
    This is a really sweet owl. There is something very magical about owls, they remind me of the beautiful paintings by Jackie Morris.
    I will be back to visit soon x