Tuesday, October 13, 2009

up, up, and away!

Taking a week's vacation to California; will be in touch!

"Feels like home

Feels like home to me

Feels like I'm on my way to where I come from

Feels like home to me

Feels like I'm on my way back to where I belong"

"Feels Like Home" by Randy Newman


  1. Home - such a sweet word! And "home" changes through your life. It`s at your parents house, your first flat or house. Then maybe a bigger one, and in the end a smaller one...

  2. Hi Margaret, Does this posting indicate you're getting ready to head to California? I'm sorry that I can watch the YouTube video but my mother's computer makes me crazy trying to download/play stuff. But I get the gist.

    I've always considered Vancouver my home, even though living so far away for most of my life. Now I'm back here, am not so sure. Still looking, perhaps. I guess "home" is more a matter of looking and living inside of one's true self.
    hugs, Lynne

  3. oops! That should be sorry I CANNOT watch the video!

  4. Enjoy your vacation Margaret!
    :) xx

  5. Have a great time, Margaret!!
    Look forward to seeing you back home again.

  6. Have a lovely time, I have always liked the IDEA of hot air ballooning but I'm not keen on heights so I suspect I would sit in the bottom of the basket being a basket case extrodinaire!!

  7. Hello Margaret

    have a safe and happy holiday...

    see you soon

    Happy days

  8. If you're coming to Northern California, you'll be greeted by the winter monsoon's first major storm! After the long dry spell, it's welcome. Have a wonderful stay in the Golden State.

  9. I hope you have an awesome vacation, you globe trotter, you! Love & Blessings!!

  10. California cows do make the best cheese. Because they are so happy. That's what the commercial says anyway.

  11. Love the air baloons. Have a great trip...julie

  12. Hope you have a safe and wonderful trip. The balloons remind me of when I lived in New Mexico. They have a big race yearly there and massive amounts of balloons compete. Talk to you soon

  13. hi margaret, lucky you!!! a holiday!!! i wish you a safe journey and of course a magic time while you're there. steven

  14. Hi Gry! And home is where your heart is...
    Hi Lynne! It's kind of where you grew up, but that also weighs you down with nostalgia...
    Hi Rain! I'm back, and I did!
    Hi Friko! I'm back!
    Hi Saj! Those balloons were a poor choice in light of the "balloon boy..."
    Hi Delwyn! I'm back! Thank you!
    Hi Dan! I just missed the rain by one day! Meanwhile, I hear we got snow in New Jersey!
    Hi Marion! I'm back! Thanks!
    Hi Sharon! My sister and her family had a dairy in CA for many years... but I do like Wisconsin cheese!
    To Julie and Blues: After using that icon of the hot air balloons, I watched almost all the way to CA that flying saucer going over Denver with supposedly a child in it! The scariest thing!
    Hi Steven! It was a magical trip! Thank you!