Friday, September 11, 2009


Caterwauls his need to feel safe.
His paws on the windowsill
Knock on the glass to escape the smoke and explosions.
The worry of danger, the unknown.
Pushes it paws at a confining window,
Switches its tail in impatience;
Intent on being outside in the grasses,
He resignedly awaits his chance.

To carry the Water to a lavender garden,

To glide across the water's surface,
To careen down water's freefall:


  1. What lovely photos and perfect narration! I love the cats best (of course, I'm a cat person!) It's funny how when they're inside they want out and when they're outside, they want in. They sure know how to train us, don't they? Another beautiful, meditative post, Margaret. Blessings!

  2. Your thought provoking post Margaret reminds me to be thankful each day for the safety we have in our home...inside and sometimes we do take it for granted.

  3. margaret - it makes me think of care and goodness. from there comes safety, security. thanks for this on this day. steven

  4. I particularly like your cat stretched out on top of the papers and things on the desk... amazing how they make themselves at home almost anywhere...

    Many thanks again for the photos from Beirut !

  5. On this date we are always thinking "will it happen again?" I love the first picture of the cat looking in! It so cute.

  6. Lovely and poignant.
    Would that we could make hatred disappear from our world.


  7. hello my dearest blogger friend.....merci pour ton passage hier sur photosanscible....ton commentaire m'a beaucoup emue...
    j'ai fait ce post pour un ami qui a choisi de mettre fin a sa vie terrestre....
    et je pense que tu avais bien compris cela....
    ton comm etait tres joli....
    de toutes façons tes commentaires sont toujours comme je suis une vilaine curieuse j'aimerai que tu me dises juste une chose....ou as tu appris a parler si delicieusement le français...
    tu maitrise notre langue avec souvent tellement d'humour...c'est tres bon..surtout ne change rien...c'est merveilleux...
    merci pour ta presence et ton sourire et ton energie...
    toujours un plaisir de passer un moment avec toi...
    have a beautiful sunny sunday....

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  9. I "found" you as you commented on Wanda's blog...Yours IS energetic and fresh. I enjoyed myself (the minutes I had to spend here). I especially liked the post about the homes my favorites!

  10. Hi Margaret! Wonderful post, very touching. The first photo of your cat is so cute! Peeping tom! :)

  11. Thanks, Marion! btw, what happened to your little kitty in the bushes? (^-^)
    Hi Wanda~ We are so lucky that we have home rule and live in a society that respects the rights and privileges of all its citizens. You're right: we have so much to be grateful for. xx
    Hi Steven~ And caring teachers are shaping students to feel safe so that they grow up to be right-minded people. Your students are very lucky.
    Hi Owen~ Funny how cats can just be left to their own devices. They don't seem to need a lot of direction!
    Amen, Delwyn, and hope you had a happy birthday! xx
    Hi Gry~ We're so lucky it hasn't happened again so far. That cat is so cute! xx
    Hi Friko~ To eliminate hatred or at least keep it from being passed on to the next generation: what a great goal.
    Ma chere Clo~ Ca c'est affreux qu'il s'agissait de quelqu'un que tu as connu. Mes condoleances. Ton tribut est majestueux et j'en suis sure qu'il a donne de la paix a sa famille.
    Merci des compliments en ce qui concerne mon francais! D'abord, je l'ai etudie a l'ecole (ce qui ne m'a pas donne grande chose); ensuite, je me suis mariee a un libanais et en habitant entre le Liban et la France mon francais a ameliore. Finalement, j'ai travaille pour une societe francaise aux Etats-Unis pendant dix ans. (depuis, je suis divorcee et je me suis remariee a un americain. Voila toute mon histoire! Et maintenant c'est a toi le tour!
    Merci de ta gentillesse toujours, Clo. Je t'embrasse, Margaret xx
    Hi Rebecca~ Thanks for visiting! xx
    Hi Rain! Thanks! and I look forward to more pix of PEI! xx

  12. My cats not only think about getting outside, they attempt multiple escapes. If they could read, your thoughtful poetry might calm them down. Or maybe they can read...

  13. Hi Sharon~ I think your cats are too busy playing in the bathroom to want to get out! And making friends with raccoons! xx