Monday, September 14, 2009

Chinese Medicine, one-act play by Margaret

"I got seven pictures of Buddha

The prophet's on my tongue

Eleven angels of mercy

Sighin' over that black hole in the sun

My heart's dark but it's risin'

I'm pulling all the faith I can see

From that black hole on the horizon

I hear your voice calling me

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain, let it rain"

~from Mary's Place by Bruce Springsteen

Twig: "Come on, Flame, light my fire."

Flame: "Sorry, but I'm pretty burned out, Twig, and I have to conserve."

Twig: "Please! I just need a spark!"

Flame: "Can't do it, Twig." (exasperated)

Twig: "River, quench my thirst!"

River: "Sorry, but my well has pretty much run dry, Twig, and I have to conserve."

Twig: "Please! Just a drop to wet my lips!"

River: "Give it a rest, Twig." (exasperated)

The two men nod conspiratorially at each other.

Flame and River: "OK, Twig, we'll give it up. Stand in the earthen basket."

The two men come closer, brandishing fire, metal, and water.

Twig, intimidated: "Look never mind! I don't want your fire and water! Please, stop!"

Flame ignites the parchment.

Twig screams over and over in protest. She becomes fainter as the flames consume the parchment.

River pours a vial of water over the remaining embers; all that remains is a pile of ashes.

Twig lifts up the crystals that had generated from the ashes and holds them in the palms of her hands. Joyfully she says, "Thank you, Flame and River, for purifying me, for releasing me into this radiant new entity!"

The Circle of Life

"It's the circle of life

And it moves us all

Through despair and hope

Through faith and love

Till we find our place

On the path unwinding

In the circle

The circle of life"

~by Elton John and Jim Rice


  1. Hi Margaret

    this is a very creative post you have composed.
    When Bruce and the E street band sang Mary's place the entire venue shook with joy...and life - you are going to have a real treat next month...

    Happy days

  2. good morning margaret (for that's what it is here). this is the first time i've seen a blog used like this. i'm impressed by your creativity, your hard work, and for passing your knowledge on through the words and photographs. thanks. have a peaceful day. steven

  3. I am moved by your creation Margaret...
    Honest, it meant something to me...Sunday, while out back at the edge of the woods...I was attracted by a glistening 1 inch square flat white rock...on picking it up discovered it was a near perfect 1 1/2 inch tall spoke to me...
    Just a few minutes ago...I retrieved it from the kitchen placed it on my desk...just inches away...and here I am at your spoke to me and my pyramid!

  4. What a wonderful post Margaret! Thank you, I really enjoyed it! :)

  5. I feel relaxed just looking at the pictures! Thanks!

  6. Hi Delwyn~ thanks for your very supportive comment! I'm looking forward to the Boss, but I understand he's somewhat reluctant to sing the old favorites anymore. I guess I'll just have to dig up the new songs and listen to them first!
    Hi Steven~ I thank you also for your very supportive comments! Maybe I'll try another play!
    Hi Wanda~ You're the third person in a row who has made very supportive comments about my play! Thank you! Pyramids used to have the spiritual meaning of fire in one's middle; the modern sense is of strength and health. I'm glad you have one.
    Hi Rain~ You're the fourth person who made a positive comment about my play! Thanks!
    Hi Gry~ I'm glad you got a sense of well-being from the pictures in the play! Thanks!

  7. Amazing post Maragert, very creative. Enjoyed it very much! :-)

  8. How very inventive! I love your photos. Blending pop lyrics and photos and making them into a whole is quite a leap of the imagination.
    Tell me if you would, Margaret, (perhaps in an email -see top left of my home page), how do I learn the Bhuddist attitude to life? You have said some very thought-provoking things on my blog, which have been following me for days.

  9. Hi Margaret! You are so talented and creative. I always enjoy visiting your blog and reading what you have to say.

  10. I am holding a lighter in the air and swaying from side to side, humming along!

  11. Very Beautiful post Margaret Thanks for sharing

  12. Hi Saj! Thanks for your comment and for stopping by!
    Hi Friko~ Thanks for your supportive comments! I will drop you an email. You may want to visit the website of Dan Gurney, a mindful heart, at I'm a Catholic but take yoga and get so many compassionate ideas for living from them.
    Hi Angela~ And thanks to you also for your supportive comments!
    I'm with you, Lynne! I hope he does that song at the Meadowlands Arena and then Madison Square Garden, both in October! And Jersey Girl! However, my sons say he tends to do all his new stuff now.
    Hi Blues! Thanks! Looking for a new post from you now!