Friday, September 4, 2009

beliefs about nature

Could that be a bird-headed snake goddess in Brooklyn?
A sea urchin's panorama?
Take a heady whiff of nature;
Touch a green leaf.
pastel by Georgia O'Keeffe
So peaceful
The sleeping lady of Malta,
The sea undulating around her.

painting by David Finn

The illusions of the mandrake root:
A shoal of gold fish.
A bowl to hold a bell, a conch shell, or holy water.

watercolor by Barbara Bash

The inner child and its dragon lanterns.
Add a drumming circle.
The Moroccan cloth carder spins fiber into thread.
Wasn't that the task of Venus de Milo?

photo by Corbis/Kevin R. Morris

The sacred trinity,
The fawn, the doe, and the old doe,
New moon, full moon, waning crescent moon,
Rooted, supported, nurturing.
watercolor by Barbara Bash


  1. Hello Margaret
    I have dropped you 2 emails. One a response and the second a question about this post...I will wait until I hear back on the second one before I post a comment today...

    Happy days

  2. They are all very charming pictures! Whish I could paint..

  3. O'Keefe is a great favourite.
    All the paintings speak to me and I love the words that go with them.

  4. What an interesting mix of paintings. The words beneath each add dimension and a different perspective, an unexpected story. I like how the words demonstrate the way a viewer brings a personal "history" to their interpretation of a work of art.

  5. Hi Delwyn! Glad you could embrace this style of writing! your turn! xx
    Hi Gry! Your photos are a type of painting! Very artistic, a lot of thought put into color, texture, depth, light and shadow ... xx
    Hi Friko! I love O'Keeffe, too. It's hard to recollect she lived in New York. I made a word pool and matched words from it to paintings which then in turn became my own poem. Very exciting! xx
    Hi Lynne! I also like the "unexpected story" that comes from creating these poems from a word pool (see above). Finding the right images is vey exciting, too! xx

  6. There is something very quiet and soothing about all of these images you've woven into your web here, makes me think of that old song title... peaceful easy feeling...

  7. Ces peinture sont simples et pourtant véhiculent beaucoup de sensibilité et de plaisir ! Et où peut-on voir ces peintres ? Question un peu idiote car cela doit être bien loin de mon pays ! ! !
    Bises Margherita !
    A bientôt Margaret !...:-)

  8. Hi Owen~ I was going for matching some words in my wordpool that I especially liked with paintings that fit them. maybe that languid Summertime and the livin's easy... Bises!
    Hi Saj~ Yes! Starting with the colors of summer moving right into fall. Strange to thing of your going into spring now. xx
    Ciao Jeff~ C'etait facile parce que je viens d'acheter un "scanner" et je pourrais copier des livres d'art: 1) Georgia O'Keeffe, 2) Le chien du ciel, 4)Les feux d'artifices, 3) et 5) un journal de la nature. Bises!