Thursday, June 18, 2009

debut in the south

South: youth, energy,
Guarded by the hummingbird,
Fecund production.


  1. You were right about the salmon. We up here think of people for instanse from Soutern Europe as much more passionate, impulsive, open and energetic than us...

  2. Superbe oiseau ! Je l'entends même chanter ! ! ! See you !...

  3. Hi Gry,
    We think the same thing up here in the New York area about the southerners in our country! But the Native Americans took it further. They thought the symbolism of each part of the world represented the stages of life: the south = young, the north = mature.

    Salut Jeff,
    Merci de m'avoir visitee! Cet oiseau s'appelle un colibri: vous y en avez?

  4. Hermoso blorg Margaret ......felicidades.!!

  5. Hi Margaret
    the humming bird is a good symbol for the energy of youth, never content to stay in one place...constantly flapping.

    I love the colours of today's collage...

    Happy days

  6. What about us not in the south or the north? Right in the middle. Gorgeous post Margaret, thanks ofr sharing and take great care.

  7. Lovely photos Margaret, especially the determination in the bears eyes. Also I'd never heard of Wynken, Blynken and Nod, it looks like a brilliant story I'm hunting for the book now!
    Not been in my studio all week but I have Sunday off though so will be down there doing some illustrating I'm sure! x

  8. Gracias, Piel!

    Hi Delwyn! Very shrewd is your comparison of youth and the hummingbird. Native Americans--for that same constant movement--thought they were spreaders of life. Thanks.

    Hi Blues Vox! Well, I've got an east and a west coming, but I think that right in the middle will have to go by north-or-south of the Mason-Dixon line. Do you know which you are? Or we could go by west-of-the- Mississippi which I believe would make you west? Please get back to me on this one. Happy Father's Day, Blue.

    Mary,how are you? So happy about your job! This little story is adorable; it's real name is "A Dutch Lullaby." It would be perfect for an updated look and story. That's a wonderful idea!