Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

The surprise was a ride to Port Jervis
On a train powered by a steam locomotive.
Dad told his three sons many things about the train.
He was the leader and the teacher.
Now each son has more parity with the father.
All four ride the wheel equally;
A lot less managing, a lot more sharing:
The circle of life.


  1. Trois cowboys ! Une photo au chiffre trois qui plairait bien à Loulou !...
    J'aime beaucoup la photo en noir et blanc !...<8:)

  2. Merci, Jeff, de m'avoir visitee! C'est difficile a croire, mais tout le monde n'est pas cowboy ici! Le numero trois represente de la vitalite et va bien avec la couleur verte. bon week-end!

  3. That is a wonderful photo, Margaret, and what a sweet memory! I love the cowboy hats. My older daughter married a country boy and he and his groomsmen wore tux jackets, white shirts, black jeans and black cowboy hats. It was perfectly awesome!

  4. That does sound awesome! I love that look! And it fits with Louisiana. This picture happens to have been taken at a wedding, too, but in New Jersey, so kind of an exotic theme for us. I love my cowboy hat, too.

  5. Hi Margaret

    What was your dad's occupation?

    Did you have any sisters or were you the only girl in the family?

    Happy Days

  6. Great photo! All of them look so truly happy!

  7. Hi Delwyn! My Dad was an electrical operator, and that room was called an electrical substation: they were keeping the flow of electricity going. Must all be automatic now. I have a brother who made his life our family farm in California and a sister who is a licensed therapist and freediver in Hawaii. Is there such disparity among you and your siblings?

    HI Gry, they do look happy. That was the most fun day. Sometimes a bit of costume puts you in a gayer frame of mind.

  8. You have a lovely blog, and I enjoyed your poetry.

  9. Thanks, Snowbrush, for the comments and for visiting. Best, Margaret

  10. A very happy Father's Day for you and family Margaret... above comments answered questions I had... love your two round assembled collage images in the last two posts... very creative. Don't know if you saw or not the answer I wrote to your comment about the photos in Lebanon, just in case, this is what I said :

    Margaret, wow, what a trip, if you care to, please send me an e-mail with more of your story of what you did in Lebanon and your experiences there (email is : owenphil at I think people get very attached to Lebanon, it is a gorgeous place, scars and all...

    And a vey fine weekend to you, what's left of it, it is now Summer here, will be for you too in just a few hours, and we'll have a new moon soon too...

  11. Comme vous dites Margaret, le cercle de la vie !... Hi Daddy !

  12. Salut, le copain! De ce que je comprends, il y avait un concert hier soir. mais c'est vous, vous etes musicien?

  13. Hi Margaret

    Yes my sisters and I are very different with vastly different lives. I am here in Au, my older sister in NZ working in a Govt. social welfare agency and my youngest is a midwife who went to Israel, fell in love with an Israeli and settled in Tiberias and has her own family of three children.

    So we are all around the globe...

    Happy days

  14. Delwyn,
    I know that feeling of separation. Thank God our mother is still alive and well in California so we have excuses to have reunions there. My sister was here last month, but I haven't been to Hawaii in ten years. Have you visited your sister in Israel? Is she all right? Shaky times we're in. Australia seems the most isolated from all the violence.

  15. Wonderful picture of grandpa. The chair in front looks just like the one that used to be in the Cottonwood house. Wonder where he got it...