Monday, June 22, 2009

a dying star

A dying star lies ~ Within the dreadful dragon: ~ Fathomless cat's eye.


  1. Oooooh, I like this one, being a cat person and all. They have such beautiful, expressive eyes.

  2. Lot of mystery in stars and cats eyes. very nice Margaret. Thanks for stopping by too. I am in the central time zone like Chicago. Its about 6 hours from me. Thanks for being a friend and for sharing the beauty.

  3. Hi Margaret,
    Lovely... the universe contained in the mystery of cat's eyes. Our two cats will be very pleased indeed to see this.

    I did get your e-mail, and thank you profoundly for that. I answered it right away saying I wanted to take some time to sift through it, and would be back to you, but sometime in the hours after sending that response I got one of those awful messages saying my e-mail to you could not be delivered. I hate it when that happens... So, do you have another email address, maybe a gmail account? I really enjoyed reading about your travels...

    For a while I couldn't send email to my parents in Philadelphia, kept getting those messages, and their service provider couldn't fix it, so they finally changed service providers... what a pain in the B*** !

    Glad you liked the little ditty over at Mrs Slug's place... I don't know where that stuff comes from either, I guess I just have a sort of demented mind that likes to play around with poems and songs... :-D Aren't those slugs wonderful though ??? I love her imagination !!!

  4. The secrets of the Universe.................captured. By you.

  5. Waow ! Quel assemblage de photos ! J'ai l'impression d'être devant des images subliminales !... La première est merveilleuse et la seconde je ne saurais comment dire ! ! ! Ces yeux de chat sont "inquiétants" !... Bises !...8:)

  6. Marion, I agree with you. There are such depths to a cat's eyes. And the Hubble Space Telescope photo shows why they named this nebula "Cat's Eye."

    Well put, Blues. Mystery in both stars and cat's eyes. and I still need to go into more length about the clock. I'll get back to you. I thank you for your friendshp and sharing, too.

    Hi Owen, you also expressed a phrase bien tournee (well-turned sentence). the universe in the mystery of cat's eyes. I wonder if that came from ancient Egypt where cats were revered? Draco was around back then, in fact from the beginning of time. Thanks for the email. My Google email address is (you can click onto the word email inside my profile.) I think I can dig up a pic of Baalbek which I'll send, too. The slugs never cease to amaze me. They're a lot smarter than I thought they were!

    Gry, I have to tell you that those eyes are a little scary to me, too! And yes, also wonderful. I think that's the mystery of them. It's funny that the last person here to comment wrote in French, "These cat's eyes are disturbing!" So we're not alone.

    Friko, that is so funny! I take all the credit of caturing the secrets of the Universe. All because I have a cat with great depth to his eyes which match the nebula. I'll have to start studying my pets more!

    Jeff, c'est trop tard! Je t'ai deja hypotonise! D'abord, je t'ai attire avec les nebulae et puis les yeux du chat t'ont magnetise. Et maintenant, au Maroc! Tunes Photo avait la meme sensation que to--vois plus haut. Amitiees, M.