Monday, June 15, 2009

the waning moon

From the waning moon ~ To the earth, the trees, and sea-- ~ Music: sacred, sweet.


  1. Hi Margaret

    I love your Haiku for today, clever girl...and the collage did you make's great...

    I love the music of the sea and the forest and am astounded when I see a walker or a jogger with an ipod on....can't they hear what I hear..I want to ask them...

    Happy Days

  2. PS. the flowers on your side bar blend well with the night sky background...

    and the quote I have just apt for today, so lovely.

    Is he an American poet?

  3. Yours is a blog to get lost in. No words, just immersing myself.

  4. Lovely picture and verse Thanks. Oh and Yes crab cakes in Missouri lol. They were runaways perhaps. Take great care and thanks again

  5. The artwork and the poem have a dreamy quality, so peaceful.

  6. A perfect marriage of words and art!! Absolutely beautiful.

  7. Thanks, Delwyn, for picking up on so much! Yes, there all sorts of music outside, from water drops to bird calls to the wind in the trees. I was also recalling the ancient idea that as the planets gradually moved apart in an ellipse, there was "music of the spheres." My waning moon picture from two nights ago was brightened and put in the upper left. I added the musical notes, of course,and the background watercolor was by Jeanne Carbonetti, author of the Tao of Watercolor. William Stafford was an Amnerican poet, once the Poet Laureate of Oregon. He has a book of poems entitled The Earth wich intrigues me.

    Thank you, Friko, for delving in. I do the same with your blog. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

    I'm glad you liked the haiku and collage, Blues Vox. I am laughing over your runaway crabs. Hope they weren't from New Jersey!

    Thanks, Sharon--I think the starry night helps to evoke that dreamy feeling, too.

    Hi, Marion, and thanks for your comment. It's my absolute favorite art form.

    Thanks, Gry, everything seems so still except for the faint music from the sky which is relaxing and calming.

  8. Margaret this is lovely. And I love the flowers on you sidebar. Happy to have you back......julie

  9. Thanks, Julie. When do you leave for NY? That dress is going to be so special--Love, Margaret

  10. ME gusta mucho la mezcla de colores y el efecto de la composición.
    un saludo