Sunday, June 28, 2009

landscape of summer, Part II

Tears of dew at dawn; ~ Love stories up in the clouds: ~ The pink haze billows.


  1. More amazing, fluffy pink! My granddaughter would love your photos. She's nuts for all things pink right now. Beautiful, Margaret!

  2. My sister's granddaughter is, too! funny how they have their own little minds! Now she's having a birthday party with the theme unicorns. Must be all princessed out!
    Thanks, Marion.

  3. Oh wow, looks as good as the cotton candy at the timeless county fair from childhood... and the Signac is out of this world... VERY nice post here. Was just stopping back in to pick up your other e mail, been TOO darn busy this week. Many thanks again for your lovely message !

  4. Hi Margaret
    what is that amazing tree?

    I looked back to where you suggest it could be a flame tree. We have a tulip tree with red flower that I have posted, sometimes called flame tree- and also a Flame tree with large 5 fingered bright green leaves and red flowers ...your one I have not seen before...

    I like the Paul Signac print. I found a lovely red boat of his once before. Those love stories are gaining momentum...are you going to tell us about them...or do they stay in the sky?

    Happy Days

  5. What a lovley tree!!! I agree with Owen--it does look like cotton candy, so light and fluffy. I've been really busy and haven't visited and commented nearly as much as I would like lately, but hoping to do better. Summer is such a busy time. I really like your new profile picture--very nice! Have a good week.

  6. I've been enjoying the bloom of those puffy, billowy trees around town. Is that what it is, a Flame tree? I've wondered as well.

  7. I love pink flowers. I strange because I`m not so keen on pink elsewhere

  8. Cela donne envie d'y chercher un peu de douceur tant ce ramage semble doux ! Le tableau est pas mal non plus ! J'aime beaucoup ce style de graphisme !...;)

  9. Owen, I'm glad you liked this post! and also that you stopped by.

    Hi Delwyn~ the only reason I mentioned flame tree was because I knew there were several varieties, but this doesn't really seem to fit the bill. It's not plumy enough. Marion thought it might be a flame tree, too. It may actually be a bush because it was pretty close to the ground. Was the red boat by Signac in the pointillist family, too? I really have to think about your perceptive observation about love stories up in the sky . . . Happy Days.

    Hi Marguerite! Thanks for stopping by! That tree is so pretty, but such an oddity. Thanks for noticing my new picture. Have to keep current! Are you acting? Interesting...

    Hi Sharon~ You've seen those trees, too? I wrote above why I offered flame tree as its name, but I'm not sure. Could it be a bush? Isn't it fun to see them? You just want to climb into all that fluff.

    Hi Gry~ and you had a pink rose yesterday--it was so beautiful. Plus your favorite.

    Salut Jeff~ Oui, on a envie d'y monter et flotter sur ces nuages roses. J'aime Signac aussi; il est devenu ami avec Seurat et a pris son style de pointillisme. (^--^)

  10. Hi Margaret... doing the best I can trying to get out and about to everyone... it's not always easy between family, job, blog, and the multitude of other blogs I would love to spend alot more time visiting...

    I did try sending a message to the other email address you gave me... am wondering if it came through ok ? take care... :-D