Wednesday, June 17, 2009

going north

Thought behind those eyes.
Still await the salmon run.
White hair of the north.


  1. I just loved this! Maybe because I live up north?

  2. Funny, Gry, because so much of it is like your homeland photos: the multi-shaded blue mountains, the quick-flowing stream (with salmon, maybe?), the majestic evergreen. and funny because north represents that state of life when one is wise and mature but before the decline. and you're nowhere near there! (I got the grey.)

  3. Hi Margaret

    is that what you are alluding to in 'the white hair of the North'? that place of wisdom and integrity...and of having lived ...when we are old and grey...

    no, not yet, tell me not yet!

    Happy Days

  4. Just discovered your blog by following your link from Jeff34's "Life is Beautiful".

    You are remarkably creative in many ways. What a beautiful blog!

  5. Hi Delwyn,
    that was a very good interpretation of what the collage was trying to say; it's a wise, peaceful time of life. Something worse is right around the corner! The east with its decline.. So, no, not yet!!

    Merci infiniment de m'avoir visitee, Nathalie, et d'avoir complimente mon blogue. Je vous rendrai visite egalement.