Monday, July 13, 2009

July skies in the Southern Hemisphere

The constellation Sagittarius is best seen from the Southern Hemisphere in July.
Happy star gazing to Delwyn at a hazy moon in Australia, Joe Brazuca at joebrazuca in Brazil, the Sagittarian at More Canterbury Tales in New Zealand (are you in the Southern Hemisphere; some parts of NZ are in the Northern Hemisphere?), and Alessandro Soler at alessandrosoler in Brazil!

From a hurt, tortured, wounded psyche
Sagittarius the centaur lashes out.
We call him harsh, a brute, destroyer,
His arrow perpetually poised to shoot.
Yet something human lies in his breast, and thus
He reigns forever in the pantheon of stars.


  1. awesome.. :)

    you're too good at writing these poetic lines.. ;)

  2. Gorgeous as always Margaret. Love the pics too of course. I must say you have quite an impressive library. Sorry I have been a bit scarce as of late but had some windows issues and had to to a reinstall. I think I have it about back to normal and working again so won't be such a stranger. Take great care Babe and Thanks so much for sharing the beauty.

  3. Fabulous, just awe-inspiring!! I love your poem. It fits your photos just perfectly, like a frame! Blessings!

  4. Your stars look so beautiful. But then again I did watch the T.V. movie, Meteor last night...

  5. Thank you, Saad! Come again!

    Hi Blues! haha! Yes, I've noticed it's sometimes hard to fit every thing in. Did you see Tunes Photo is back? Cool!

    Thanks, Marion! It's as though my subject gives a frame to create the poem. I'm still thinking about Linda Pastan. such feeling in her poetry.

    Hi Sharon! I love meteors! So beautiful! I didn't catch the movie.

  6. Bonjour Margaret,
    These star photos are stunning, I hope the Sagittarian will drop by to see them ! Nothing like gazing at the heavens to help keep things in perspective here on Earth.

    Really want to thank you for being such a fine pen friend... When I was little our school encouraged us to have pen pals, and I always liked that notion, for years corresponded on paper with people in other countries. It's taken on a different "feel" in cyberspace, email, blog comments, but it gets back to fulfilling an elementary social need for communication, belonging, recognition, and just plain fun. You write a darn good comment, and I sure enjoy reading them, both at my place, and at others where I sometimes see the kind and thoughtful words you've left...

    I wrote the piece "Between Two Islands" a few years back, about the place where my grandparents lived, near the tidal marshlands along the coast of southern New Jersey... But I lived in South Carolina for a while, and can see why you thought it might be there...

  7. Dear Owen,
    Thank you for your kind words. I am really happy to have your friendship; as you said the cyber-community is as fulfilling as one's circle of friends in daily life. It hasn't escaped me how your are always busy making connections between and with bloggers. Your sense of humor, empathy, and knowledge in so many areas make for a lively discussion but also a relaxed, positive camaraderie among bloggers. That is why your blog is such a magnet--I always go there first. Is your grandmother still with us in her other world, or have you lost her? Most people don't realize that we have other parts to our State that are very different from "Jersey Boys" or the Sopranos.
    Thank you, Owen~ Best, Margaret

  8. Lindo !...Lindo !...Lindo ! fotos...a poesia !

    Vou ficar atento ao céu de julho por aqui !

    abrigado pela referência, querida amiga !

    adorei ! ( I love it !...)

    um beijo


  9. Abrigato, Joe! Take photos! un beijo,

  10. Hi Margaret, I am most definitely in the Southern Hemishpere (altho' I recall being in the UK many years ago and staring at the night sky trying to find the Southern Cross much to the amusement of my travel mates!!)

  11. Oh, here you are! Thanks, Sagit! Can you see the constellation with your name and that has the Milky Way running through it?

  12. I'm a whimp for cold and its been too cold to look lately, we bought a telescope some years ago as our kids were wanting to star gaze but it doesn't work very well...I'm really not sure if I have seen those constellations or not! :_)

  13. Thanks Margaret!

    realized that you understand a lot about the universe, and also love your photos.

    Your blog is very different, I liked the new look!