Monday, July 20, 2009

fade to grey

The air fresh, as it has been for days.

Upper sky lavender. Deer on the far hill.

The farm woman said they would be gone

when I got there as I started down the lane.

Jumped the stream. Went under great eucalyptus

where the ground was stamped bare by two bulls

who watched from the other side of their field.

The young deer were playing as the old ate

or guarded. Then all were gone, leaping.

Except one looking down from the top.

The ending made me glad. I turned toward

the red sky and ran back to the farm,

the man, the woman, and the young calves.

Thinking that as I grow older I will lose

my color. Will turn tan and gray like the deer.

Not one deer, but when many of them run away.
~The Color of Many Deer Running by Linda Gregg


  1. you do find the most extraordinary writings and present the most wonderful photos to go with them. Your blog is an inspiration.

  2. Hello Margaret

    that is an amazing pink moon that suits your page so well.

    Who is Linda Gregg?

    I know the going grey feeling well...

    Happy days

  3. Fading to grey...sounds sad...but it could give one an invisibility-like advantage in some cases..."to blend in" "to be one with"...grey could be if I truly feel that way...why do I still dye my hair at 64?

  4. Another perfect fit, Miss Margaret!! I looked up Ms. Gregg yesterday and found many of her poems I love online. I put her on my wish list at Amazon to purchase when I get my next book of poetry. Also discovered her former husband, Jack Gilbert, who ain't too shabby himself as a poet. Blessings!!

  5. Thanks, Friko! It''s exciting, isn't it, when you find poetry and photos that go together? I love the challenge as do you. LOVE

    Hi Delwyn! It's actually a pink setting sun, and I'm always trying to photograph something pink or fuchsia to match my blog as you noticed! Linda Gregg is a new poet I "discovered." Funny, she was born and raised in Suffern, New York, not far at all from where I am now, and then she moved to northern California where I was born and raised! See below about grey...

    Hi Wanda! I think grey makes one feel washed out and thus tired, faded. I'm with you on keeping up with dying my grey hair. It does seem to perk me up. Funny this poet sees deer as "having lost their color." The deer you posted today were so beautiful and very vivid in color, both mom and babies. And what's more energetic and vivacious than a deer? LOVE

  6. Thanks, Miss Marion! I'm glad you like Linda Gregg! They had All of It Singing at Border's, and now I want to get more! I read about her husband Jack Gilbert, too! LOVE

  7. Lovely photo, I am really fond of sunrise and sunset pix! You have found the perfect mix here.

  8. That is indeed a lovely photo: The colours so tender, matching the mood of the poem.

  9. I enjoyed your description and your photos.

    The Panpipe (link?) that comes after this entry didn't work. All I saw was a colored box with nothing to click on.

  10. Thank you, Sagittarian! I love sunrise and sunset photos, too. The moon is a litte harder to manage sometimes!

    Thanks, Louciao, for the nice comments and for visiting!

    Thanks, Snowbrush! You need to use Internet Explorer to play the panpipes (when it comes up correctly, it's a little CD player). I am planning to use the Blogger YouTube for music (when I get the courage up!).

  11. Hi Margaret....your photo is so soothing. The piece by Linda Gregg very nice. I had a great vacation and I am glad to be back....julie

  12. hello Margaret...
    ravie de découvrir ton blog...
    merci pour ta visite....:)
    j'aime ta photo avec ses teintes pastels...beaucoup de douceur...
    mais j'ai été un peu trop faignante pour traduire précisément le texte que tu as mis...c'est promis je vais essayer de progresser un peu en anglais..:)
    a bientot....

  13. Hi, Julie! Thanks for the comments! glad the trip was wonderful and that you're back!Can't wait to hear details and see photos! You must have felt so elegant in the voile dress! LOVE

    Salut Clo! Merci beaucoup de m'avoir rendue visite! C'est gentille de ta part d'avoir parle de ma photo puisque c'est toi qui est la premiere dans la photographie. Et la litterature francaise pour moi aussi me prend du temps de la suivre. Mais c'est amusant d'essayer une autre langue, n'est-ce pas? a la prochaine! :)