Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the sun, passing winds, and flying clouds

"How can I give right directions
When I am a wanderer myself!
Onward I stroll and ever on
In my own way courting the sun
And fashioning Arcadia
Of passing winds and flying clouds."

~from White Chrysanthemums by Sadakichi Hartmann


  1. Those clouds look almost like a painting of ocean beautiful!! And the poem you picked is perfect for the photo. I love it! Blessings & Hugs!

  2. Beautiful verse and cool clouds. I think they call those Mammatus clouds. Very nice share indeed Margaret. Thanks for the beauty and I hope this finds you having a great day and smiling.

  3. The clouds look surreal. P.S. I've changed my header again. It's just too easy. And I have so many pictures!

  4. what a photo! fantastic. the poem compliments the clouds and vice versa. Well done!

  5. Hi Marion! Those clouds do look like waves with a little sun peeping out of the center; so it's "the sun, winds, and clouds!" Thanks! XXOX

    Hi Blues! Yes, I think I've heard that expression, Mammatus cloud. And you can see how it makes sense! Thanks, marg

    Hi Sharon! I tink these clouds are going to be more and more frequent. I checked your header! Love the teal peeling-paint barn and doorknob with your walls! Spectacular!

    Thanks, Friko! Isn't it fun! Love, Margaret

  6. Hi Margaret

    I am sure I wrote a comment to you yesterday about these plaited I going silly?

    Happy days

  7. Hi Delwyn! You're not silly; you just keep up an enormous coorespondence, and how can you remember it all? I like the word plaited--it looks like enormous loaves of French bread (baguettes), the way they twist them, in the sky. That type of cloud is called the Mammatus cloud because they look like mammary glands, and I understand they're becoming more and more prevalent. Thanks, Delwyn. Love, Margaret

  8. Oh gosh Margaret, those clouds are so amazing, what a great capture! A wee update: I got my car back (yey!) and guess what? I found a tripod at Goodwill for $10!!! It's a really solid one too, so once I get some nice weather in the forecast, I'm going to test the camera on the night sky!!! I hope (crossing my fingers) that I'll capture that August full moon!!!! :)

  9. Those clouds are incredible. And I learned so much from the comments left for this post, as well. I had never heard of Mammatus clouds before - how very interesting!

  10. Hi, Angela! I wonder what the occurrence of those clounds means? Apparently, that are formed from ice crystals that can't evaporate due to density or height . . . Hope Wisconsin is beautiful right now in the middle of summer. . . We're got the normal hot-humid-rain a little!
    Best, Margaret