Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nature guides us if we listen.

The nightshade berry, not wishing to hurt, remains hidden.

Flowers tell us to relax, hope, and dream and to have fun, peace, joy, pleasure, and energy.

And be revitalized!

Woodchuck and Squirrel amiably share a piece of bread: friendship.

The white pine bows to remind us to be humble.


  1. beautiful! i love listening to nature - it has no agenda.:)


  2. These are lovely thoughts Margaret.
    What is a woodchuck, besides being rather plump...

    Happy days

  3. a fresh and beautiful post...
    listen nature Margaret...
    have a good time....

  4. Nature offers us everything!

  5. Thank you for the reminder that the messages are there if we know how to see long as we're not hearing voices at the same time, that is!

  6. So true and how easy to forget to listen. Thanks for the reminder. Hope your week is starting well and all is smiles.

  7. There is nothing better than the nature when you need to relax. Lovely words Maragret!

  8. This is like a magical fairy tale, Margaret! You're a word and photo magician. Thank you for sharing your world with us. Blessings!

  9. Hi Margaret! Beautiful post, I like the message you're sending! :)

    Btw, would you like to join me on A Walk In The Woods?

  10. Hi Six~ Yes! Or you could say the agenda it has suits the momment it's in, nothig hidden. LOVE xxox I'll be over!

    Thanks, Delwyn~ A woodchuck is also called a groundhog (from the rodent-squirrel-marmot family). Do you have them? This one's so fat from stealing from our garden! LOVE xxox

    Thank you, Clo~ Yes, listen to nature. Even to water babbling. it brings us to our genuine selves. LOVE xxox

    Hi, Wanda~ And aren't we lucky to have it in abundance around us? LOVE xxox

    Hi Lynne~ I just read that native Americans used to listen to flowing water and even rocks and came away with messages. And then we really would look strange! LOVE xxox

    Hi Blues~ I'm sure you listen to your beautiful garden and that adorable, frisky chinchilla! Best, Margaret

    Hi Gry~ And you live at the center of the most majestic nature in the world! LOVE xxox

    Thanks, Marion~ I do love to feel I'm in the middle of marvels and magical lands. You, too! LOVE xxox

  11. I like the lok of those wee furry animals! We don't have squirrels or woodchucks down here. In my yard we have 2 evil rabbits who are hell bent on destroying my wallet, and 2 cats of our own plus it seems every other cat passing visits us!

  12. Hi Saj! You're kidding! No squirrels or woodchucks?! I believe no deer either? However, those rabbits can do a job on all leafy material (and wallets)! Maybe the cats got the squirrels and the chipmunks! (perish the thought!) LOVE xxox

  13. "Woodchuck and Squirrel amiably share a piece of bread: friendship."

    Hey, Margaret, it's a great picture, but methinks the squirrel looks a little tense. No, make that a lot tense. Ha.

  14. Hi Snowbrush! I think you're right! Even though they're in the same family, the woodchuck has it all over the squirrel! I guess the squirrel just couldn't resist having some bread.

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  16. HI, Margaret.
    I just delited a comment. I said I have 10 thumbs, but when posted, I discovered that I have at least 11.

    In brief: You have created a very artistic and beautiful blog. I believe I have to roll up my sleeves.

  17. Hi Viking! Thank you very much for visiting me and for the nice comments! And at least you know how to delete! I got some spam on my panpipes audio, and it's still there! I'm hopeless!