Thursday, July 9, 2009

July full buck / blood moon

Last night the rays from the full moon
Touched me with a silv'ry, languorous scent.
I breathed deeply. I breathed again.
Then from the other side of the earth
Came a largess of beams; my heart unraveled.


  1. Hi Margaret

    did it really look like this?

    I have never heard of the phrase blood moon.

    Happy days

  2. What a fabulous moon photo!! I love your poem, too, Margaret. It fit beautifully.

    I read where the July moon is called "Hunters Moon" or "Blood Moon" because the Native Americans used to hunt and kill their prey to stock up for the winter at this time. I love moon lore!!

  3. Also known as the Thunder Moon! These last 2 have snuck up on me. Glad to see you are keeping up! Blessings, GG

  4. It was a fantastic moon last night, but not in eclipse here on the west coast, as far as I know. It was low in the southern sky. Nice photo.

  5. I have never heard either expression - what a magical picture and poem. The moon is such a heartbreakingly beautiful companion to our earth, I could drown in its image. There are now so few places in the western world where the light of the moon and stars can defeat the glare of artificial light those of us who can bathe in their glory must celebrate it.

  6. Hi Delwyn! No, i think it's a process called color saturation. as u can see, it's an image i'm using from Adgita Diaries. Blood moon means there's a reddish haze in the air during prime growing season. Happy days to you, too!

    Hi Marion! I'm glad you liked the photo and the poem! Oh, I see we differ on the meaning of blood moon! (see what I said to Delwyn.) I do have buck moon (not hunter) because the young stags are rubbing their velvet off to reveal the bony antlers underneath. I love moon lore, too! and the rituals: i.e., offering something from nature to a yoga circle to greet a new moon; there is even a full moon meditation.

    Hi Gretchen! You're right! Thunder moon for all the thunderstorms during July. We've had our share the last few weeks. We especially have to remember the harvest moon--that's a big one!

    Hi Dan! The full moon started at 2am your time on July 7. But the eclipse? Someone said it coincided with Michael Jackson's memorial service? Be sure to look for the Lyra constellation high in the sky--another week or so to go! Th next big constellation in July is Sagittarius which is for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere!

    Hi Friko~ I love that: "the moon is so heartbreakingly beautiful." All my poems somehow include references to the moon. It represents all my longings, hopes, wants. Without the soft urban glow of lights, the skies are brilliant. Now it's those trees that get in the way!

  7. Margaret thats really gorgeous and the pic is lovely too. Thanks for sharing