Tuesday, July 28, 2009

our warmhearted sun

The sun conveys its warm, luminous rays to the open, receptive flowers.

The flowers form a heart to embrace the sun.

Our golden sun slides into the blue Pacific when day is done.


  1. I love your heart-shaped stump planter...
    I could try that myself...

  2. I love the quote of the Day! I`m still in "vacation modus" so hopefully the words come true...!

  3. Oh, those golden waters are exquisite. I would love to slip into that moment in the Pacific and be bathed by holy waters and sunlight at the same time. An amazing shot.

  4. We are actually seeing and feeling sunshine today! I don't know how long it will last before the clouds roll in, but I am revelling in it! I feel like your flowers opening and warming in its rays.

  5. We need the Pacific here in Missouri all we get is the sun and its warmth as of late. Its that Dog Days time of year. Beautiful as always Margaret and thanks for sharing.

  6. Being receptive is the key to illumination isn't it? :) The photo of the golden sea is just lovely.

  7. What a luminous post. I love the flowers but the golden sun on the water is magical. Fabulous post, Margaret! I hope you're enjoying your books. (I've been buried in mine for several days now and just came up for air! LOL!) Blessings!!

  8. Those godlen waters certainly look inviting! Lovely photo, did you take it? It's abit cold here to get good watery shots at the moment - I'm such a wimp!

  9. What absolutely beautiful flowers, Margaret. Your blog is so colorful. Just plain pretty!!! julie

  10. Your golden sun picture could be a wallpaper, I love it!


  11. Thanks, Wanda! Have you lost a tree, too? Yes, there's my evidence.

    Hi Gry! I hope the day is "flowing seamlessly" for you!

    Hi Bonnie! Thanks for stopping by! i like your imagery of sacred waters and streaming golden light!

    Hi Lynne! Yes, maybe we're going to have summer after all! And then we can lie on a flat roof and soak up the rays!

    Hi Blues! That's true; you're about equidistant from both coasts! You'll have to go down to the banks of the Mississippi!

    Hi Rain! I like your imagery. Being receptive to illumination is like a flower opening up to allow the light to come in. If we allow ourselves to be receptive or open, we become illuminated or aware. Yes.

    Thanks, Marion! and glad you're enjoying your books!

    Hi Saj! That's right, you're in winter so it must be cold down by the water. The golden sunset in the Pacific Ocean was taken by my sister's friend; they're lucky enough to live in Hawaii!

    Thanks, Julie! and welcome back!

    Hi Aly Beth! It does look like a thick roll of golden wallpaper, doesn't it? Thanks for stopping by. I just looked at your blog and noted you met Frank and Malachy McCourt. Cool! Both so talented. I saw them together in a show about the history of the Irish in Manhattan several years ago.