Thursday, July 23, 2009

sacred earth

bright sun
the sheen of tall grass
when it bends
haiku by Jim Kacian

The stones change, move, talk

With the tall grass on this earth:

Yesterday, water.

haiku by Margaret


  1. Love the red rocks of Sedona. Beautiful Poems Babe thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely, Margaret

    the red rock and your haiku...
    there is a pink glow in the water too

    Happy days

  3. Your photo and brings Indian lore to mind...respesting Earth and everything in it.

  4. Another moving haiku and fabulous photo, Margaret. I, too, love the red stone!! Blessings!

  5. hello Margaret.... i try in English...don't smile..:)
    i love your shot ..a perfect harmony of colors...
    a breathtaking for the end of day...
    the moon shot on the sidebar is poetic....
    have a good time...
    bye bye...:)

  6. J'adore la délicatesse de cette herbe qui frôle l'eau et ce roc qui accentue encore plus fort la douceur de l'eau ! C'est très très poétique et magnifique !

  7. Thanks, Blues! Have you been to Sedona? Saw the red rock? The original 3:10 to Yuma was filmed there plus Riders of the Purple Sage, Angel and the Badman...

    Thanks, Delwyn! It's called red rock, but it's more of a dusty rose. there is a pink reflection in the water! I hadn't noticed! That's great! xxox

    Hi, Rosie! You had that wonderful art project with sacred rocks, too. Love

    Thanks, Wanda! Yes, the Indians did feel we were all equal living members of the earth and respected everything as such. Love

    Thanks, Marion! Have you been to Sedona? The red rock (pink) is everywhere, and it creates quite an effect. xxox

    Thanks, Clo! Your English is perfect! I didn't know this side of you! Yes, I love the moon shot on the sidebar, too, but it's a photo I found on a space website. It goes so perfectly with my night-sky-and-stars sidebars. xxox

    Merci, Jeff! C'est aussi joli qu'une fleur ce que tu as ecrit! Vraiment de la poesie--et je te remercie. Bises

  8. Margaret, a trip to Sedona is on my lifetime goal list. I became spiritually drawn to the desert after reading a magical book set in the Sedona desert called "The Wood Wife" by Terry Windling. Sadly, I've been out of the Southern USA (except in books). Check out my blog. I have a l-o-n-g, rambling reply to your comment about Raymond Carver. (Wink, wink). LOL!

  9. Sedona is very beautiful...and so very natural. I have been there once, would love to return.

    The photo is very are the words.

    thank you!


  10. Hey Angel and the bad man is on tonight. I like that one a lot and 3:10 to Yuma is cool too. Any thing with Glen Ford. Yes I was there years ago. Gorgeous area indeed. Thanks again for sharing and have a wonderful weekend

  11. Hi, Marion~ You have to go there--for the beauty, the spiritual energy, the galleries, coffee shops, and like-minded people. You will love it! Am on my way over to you for your Raymond Carver exchange! Please note this is my first Song Saturday contribution--it is the coolest sound. Hope you like it! xxox

    Thank you, Six~ I've only been there once and would also love to return. The dazzling hues of red-orange in your sunset series reminded me of Sedona. xxox p.s.: if you have a moment, please try the above video I posted for Song Saturday: I think it will be really meaningful to you.

    Hi, Blues~ Did you see the new version of 3:10 to Yuma with Russell Crowe?--so compelling, yet so tragic. I think they're still making movies up in those hills. Have a good weekend yourself, Blues. Thanks, Margaret p.s. hope you can watch the above video!